Environmental Sustainability

Westguard Services is firmly committed to preserving the environment and operating in a manner that promotes resource sustainability.

We have integrated several cutting-edge processes and technologies into our day-to-day operations that fulfill this mandate including Energy Consumption Programs, Hybrid Vehicle Purchases, GPS Vehicle Tracking, the largest Bicycle Fleet for security in Vancouver, use of Electric Scooters for patrolling, and Go-Paperless Initiatives.

Energy Consumption Programs

Prius-1On every site we secure, Westguard promotes energy saving initiatives that ensure lights, computers and other electronic devices are turned off when not in use. In addition, we use these same practices in our own offices.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Purchases

Westguard draws upon the shared mobile security resources of Securiguard Services, also a member of the Kernaghan Group of Companies. The deployment of our hybrid fleet has significantly contributed to a year-on-year reduction in idling time, resulting in an 13% reduction in our carbon footprint over the past two years.

Our commitment to reducing vehicle emissions resulted in us replacing our entire mobile fleet with low-emission hybrid vehicles, such as Toyota Prius Hybrids. Additionally, we are increasingly turning to electric vehicles and currently utilize electric scooters for parkade patrols.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS tracking service helps lessen the environmental impact of our vehicles by identifying inefficient driving patterns that are wasting fuel, increasing vehicle wear and tear and causing drivers to be on the road longer than they need to be.

Since implementing our GPS tracking system we have experienced more than a 90% decrease in vehicle idling time, which has provided significant emission reductions for both hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles.

Largest Vancouver Bicycle Fleet

As an example of our long-standing commitment to sustainability, our management team was the first to introduce a bicycle patrol in Vancouver, and today maintains the largest bicycle fleet in the city.

Electric Scooters

E-BikeAs part of our Go Green initiatives, Westguard uses electric E-Scooters to patrol large parking environment facilities at many of our coverage locations. This nimble example of sustainable motoring has proven effective in helping our personnel reduce personal threats, theft from vehicles, and vandalism while promoting a visible, safe guest experience.

Some of the primary advantages of this vehicle include its quiet, high maneuverability both indoors and outdoors, its high visibility, and its greater reliability and fewer maintenance hours (no more quarterly oil changes).

Paper Reduction Practices

With our fully integrated scheduling and accounting software, Winteam, we electronically provide all accounts payable and accounts receivable documents. This initiative has allowed us to reduce our paper consumption by over 20%.  We also encourage our customers to receive their invoices electronically.

95% of our security officers in BC today receive electronic paychecks/paystubs, reducing paper and courier usage.