Officer Tracking

C3-trackingOur Securitrak Accountability technology is a proven security officer tracking system that ensures the continuous safety and accountability of personnel on site. This web based program allows our clients to receive instant safety or security alerts on their mobile device in real time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our comprehensive system includes features such as live location monitoring and exception reporting capabilities. When integrated into our 24-hour C3 Customer Communications Centre we are instantly alerted to any missed location checks. This allows us to direct your on-site staff to the missed location.

Features such as web based secure log on and automatic log-reporting provides quality assurance and assists you in mitigating any safety risks within your facility.

Security officer productivity monitoring using our GPS Tracking System

Officer-Tracking-2Using low frequency GPS, with optional Bluetooth integration, Securitrak is capable of monitoring the precise locations of all on site security officers. In the event that a security officer has been motionless for a selectable period, an automated message will be relayed to their device alerting them.

Should the security officer remain motionless for an additional selectable period, the closest rapid response unit can be dispatched to their exact location. All information is automatically logged and forwarded to assigned client personnel, ensuring total accountability.

Client Access to Website

Clients can log on to our custom-designed website and see a visual display of their property being guarded. The status of each guard is displayed in a clear and straight-forward manner. This system provides our clients with a direct communication channel to the security officer.