GPS Enabled Vehicles

We have developed a best-in-class GPS tracking and fleet management software program: Securitrak Mobile Fleet Management. Each vehicle in our fleet has a GPS locator beacon installed discretely inside it. Through Global Positioning System satellite links, each locator sends a signal to our C3 operations centre dispatchers.

As a result, Securitrak can clearly display important information about locations, directions, and the speed of every vehicle on a live map or on photographs from Google Earth. This means that we can actively monitor and manage our fleet, and your account manager can set up alerts if any vehicles exceed specified speeds or enter into a particular area.

The constant information that our global tracking provides us with lets us manage our fleet in ways never before possible.  Your account manager can also set up alerts that go to people in your organization so that you can be informed of visits as they happen!

GPS-1More efficient routing and driving

Securitrak fleet management utilizes Powerful mapping and fleet management software that contains many features and tools that help us to route vehicles more efficiently and get to more stops and deliveries in the same, or lesser, amount of time.

Our C3 operations centre can dispatch vehicles, play back and analyze routes taken by each vehicle, instantly locate the closest vehicle to an important site, advise drivers of road conditions, and more. This means that mobile units can respond much more quickly to alarms and client requests than before.

Safety Features

Every vehicle is also equipped with an employee panic button, so if our officer is in trouble, our 24-hour C3 operations team will know right away. Since we know exactly where the vehicle is, help can be dispatched immediately.

Sustainability with fleet management

GPS-2Our GPS tracking service helps lessen the environmental impact of our vehicles by identifying inefficient driving patterns that are wasting fuel, increasing vehicle wear and tear and causing drivers to be on the road longer than they need to be. Here are four ways in which a GPS-based fleet management service helps us to lessen our carbon footprint:

  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Reduced engine idling
  • More efficient routing and driving
  • Efficient maintenance management

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