Residential High Rise


Westguard’s specialty trained @yourservice Concierge Division combines a customer service focus with expert safety and security expertise, providing practical solutions to residential communities such as apartment towers, condos, townhouses and hotels.

We recognize the unique pressures that property managers and strata councils face on a daily basis and have developed integrated solutions to provide greater safety, security and peace of mind. In addition to receiving all security certifications and training required, our concierge officers are also trained in telephone and concierge desk requirements, fire and life safety systems, access control procedures and mechanical inspections.

Our officers also receive extensive training in your Strata Corporation’s bylaws, rules and regulations, and this knowledge base is regularly assessed to ensure complete compliance.

Tailored Data Tracking

Decisions about your residential building’s security program need to be based on real-time data and logic. In order to provide our customers with these comprehensive analytics, Westguard has developed property-specific incident tracking systems. These allow property managers and tenants to make logical decisions based on identified trends and proven solutions.

For more info on our analytics system, see our Security Analytics page.