Port Security


Westguard was the first organization to introduce high visibility uniforms on port lands and currently maintains the largest contingent of Marine Security (MARSEC) trained security officers. Westguard is additionally an authorized C-PIC agent through the RCMP.

Our clients’ security needs have evolved significantly over the years and our services have expanded in tandem with these changes. To remain a leader in the port security industry, Westguard provides a wide selection of services, some of which are listed below:

  • Site Security Management
  • Traffic Control Management
  • Ship Declaration Process
  • Control Room / CCTV Monitoring
  • Access Control / Badge Distribution / Rail Gate Access
  • Site Patrol / Safety Checks
  • Site Safety & Security Auditing
  • Health & Safety Seminars
  • International Ships & Ports Security (ISPS) Education
  • Investigation of Security Breaches and Medical Injury Incidents
  • Canine (K9) Bomb/Drug/Weapons Detection
  • MARSEC Response (Marine Security, Transport Canada)
  • Truck Reservation
  • Marine Transportation Security Clearance (MTSC) Processing Office
  • Restricted Area Passenger Shuttle Service

Choosing Westguard as your Port Security Provider gives you peace of mind knowing we genuinely understand your needs and are able to deliver.