Westguard recognizes that local, provincial and federal governments face increased pressures regarding the protection of critical assets and public property. Our security specialists have significant expertise in delivering both security consulting and the delivery of tailored security solutions to the following clients:

  • Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments
  • Government Services such as Parking Lots
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Crown Corporations
  • Government Sponsored Events

Westguard is committed to providing the highest level of protection for government services and assets. We are equally dedicated to ensuring that these services meet the requirements of all stakeholders: from citizens and elected officials, to contractual partners and public employees. Some of our government specific services offered include:

  • Security Escorts/Safewalk
  • Building Security/Access Control
  • Risk Assessments/Risk Management
  • Physical Security Assessments
  • Loneworker Safety Programs
  • Executive and Close Protection
  • Emergency Preparedness Plans and Implementation
  • Managing Fire and Life Safety Systems
  • Alarm Response Services

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