Commercial Offices


Westguard provides 24-hour security and customer service to office buildings across Greater Vancouver. From stand alone buildings to multi-tenant complexes of varying sizes, our officers serve as the front door ambassadors for our commercial clients.

Responsibilities include regular patrols and after-hour access control services, closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance and parking lot control, facility management and maintaining fire and life-safety systems. Our officers are also trained in Occupational First Aid and provide valuable service to visitors in high-traffic locations, such as local information and directions.

We work closely with all stakeholders, including both the Property Owner and Manager, to ensure that a comprehensive plan is delivered and tailored to your specific needs.

Safewalk Programs

One common added-value service that our officers provide is safewalk escorts, particularly after hours. For staff working late into the night or on weekends, having an officer walk them to their vehicle provides peace of mind. Flyers provided by Westguard can be posted throughout your building advising of the number to call for immediate service.

Security Analytics

Decisions about your commercial building’s security program need to be based on real-time data and logic. In order to provide our commercial customers with these comprehensive analytics, Westguard has developed property-specific incident tracking systems that allow both property managers and tenants to make logical decisions based on identified trends and proven solutions.

For more info on our analytics system, see our Security Analytics page.

Dockmaster Courier Security

Westguard’s proven loading dock service provides an added layer of security and accountability by ensuring that all courier pickup and drop-off information is recorded by the dockmaster, and that packages are only disseminated by a designated “runner” once the sign-in process is completed.

For more information on WESTguard’s commercial property services, please contact us.