Security Consulting

Westguard’s team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in security, law enforcement, the military and business. Our team includes Certified Protection Professionals (CPP), licensed investigators, licensed security consultants, and personnel trained in counter-terrorism and surveillance.

Effective security begins with good planning, and Westguard Services combines experience with technology, tactical capabilities, and winning strategies to help our clients with:

  • Assessment – threat and vulnerability audits and reviews, forensics
  • Planning – budgeting, coordination and procurement
  • Execution – assembling equipment and personnel, venues, and support
  • Management – ongoing direction, leadership, deployment and execution of resources, plans and assets, including testing and training

Security management and consulting services are coordinated through Westguard’s Strategic Resource Centre, with extensive expertise in:

Corporate Security Services

  • Corporate site security management
  • Security Planning, from Post Orders to Emergency Protocols
  • Threat and Risk Assessment, Analysis and Audit
  • Contingency Planning, Business Interruption and Resumption
  • Information Security, including Intellectual Property and Records
  • Security, Safety and Emergency Planning Training Programs
  • Pre-strike Labour Disruption Planning

Human Resources Security Services

  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Administrative Security Training, including fire and personal safety
  • Policy and Procedures development

Operational Security Services

From routine operations to contingency planning and crisis management, the diversified services and advanced technology provided by Westguard have protected and safeguarded our clients and their interests for nearly four decades, over thousands of projects of all scopes and scale.

Westguard’s comprehensive needs analysis will address potential vulnerabilities from theft, vandalism, natural disasters, accidents (including fires, floods and hazardous materials) and events from terrorism.

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