Mystery Shopping


Mystery shoppers, also known as mystery customers or shadow shoppers, enter your premises and pose as typical everyday members of the public. By interacting with your employees they are able to assess customer service skills, employee’s subscription to established processes, attention to government required regulations, or the overall provision of a first class customer experience.

How is Westguard different from other mystery shopping companies? Westguard can develop a superior customer experience strategy from start to finish for your business. A well developed experience can be the difference between a lifelong customer and a once-off sale.

Westguard offers our clients mystery shopping and customer experience services for a variety of these purposes, many of which are listed below:

  • Customer Experience Strategy Audit – Baseline assessments of customer service.
  • Performance Assessment – Evaluates established key performance indicators.
  • Telephone Mystery Customer Program – Evaluate telephone-based customer service.
  • Employee Rewards Shadow Shoppers – Reward employees who go the extra mile.
  • Mystery Customer Compliance Program – Ensure legislation required ID Checks.
  • Loss Prevention Shadow Shoppers – Discretely identify thefts of merchandise.
  • Competition Analysis – Receive invaluable competitor intel.

If you are looking to ensure compliance with regulations, develop a superior customer experience strategy or are looking for a mystery shopping company to improve your business in any of the areas listed above, our customized programs are a great solution.