Marine Transportation Security Clearance (MTSC)


Westguard is British Columbia’s recognized leader in MTSC. MTSC is completed with our in-house Ministry of Transport certified Pass Control technicians who have been trained in the expedient processing of your employee’s documentation, fingerprinting and photo ID. By using the latest RCMP approved digital technologies Westguard can expedite the processing time of applications significantly.

Our Marine Transportation Security Clearance services include:

  • Educating companies and their employees on how to complete the MTSC application form
  • Confirm the documents provided by applicants are authentic and haven’t been tampered with
  • Verifying signature of applicants’ sponsor
  • Finger printing and photo ID utilizing Live Scan computer provided by Transport Canada
  • Trouble shoot system failures under direction of Transport Canada and RCMP
  • Submit monthly reporting on applicants process
  • Mail all applicants documents to Transport Canada weekly