K-9 Patrols and Detection


Westguard maintains a highly trained Canine (K-9) division that is certified in narcotic and explosive detection as well as canine protection patrols. Developed for high-risk situations, Westguard’s K-9 division was the first private patrol certified by the RCMP.

The division has since been expanded to include foot patrols for customer sites, as well as providing explosive, weapons and narcotics detection services. It has been used in crowd control situation for major events. The use of a dog in conjunction with trained security guards adds a high level of deterrence and peace of mind for our clients.

Our K-9 teams are geared for rapid response resourcing to assist our clients with unique challenges in camps, airports, cruise ships, trucking and shipping environments, as well as the physical protection of assets such as remote parking lots and commercial properties.

Certification and Training

Westguard’s highly trained K-9 division is fully certified and compliant with all government regulations.

Our K-9 detection teams train weekly in a variety of environments. This high level and frequency of training is essential, as our units are regularly called to patrol in dozens of different environments. In one on-demand environment, residential complexes, the most common threat addressed is the development of marijuana grow operations. Our dogs are also trained to detect a variety of illegal substances such as cocaine, ecstasy and heroin.

With specified training sites across the BC Lower Mainland, Westguard additionally provides training and support services for canine handlers.

K9-VertOur Dogs

Westguard uses several recognized breeds of patrol and detection dogs including German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

Our dogs are chosen based on their intelligence, strength and endurance, as well as an acute sense of smell and a well-socialized, easy temperament that allows them to operate in large crowds.

Westguard K-9 History

Our proven history in K-9 detection began in 2002 when we were called upon to inspect cargo destined for the Vancouver cruise ship terminal at the Port of Vancouver. Our organization partnered with an internationally recognized company to provide certified K-9 Narcotic and Explosive Detection services. Our operations have since grown and expanded throughout British Columbia.

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