Concierge Officers

@yourservice Concierge Division


Westguard understands that our security professionals are also our client’s front line ambassadors.

As a result, we proactively transformed the Tourism British Columbia Superhost program and created the exclusive SecurityHost program. Our SecurityHost™ training program ensures that every officer becomes a welcoming and supportive part of the daily experience for every resident, visitor, staff member and stakeholder on site.

Our @yourservice Concierge Division takes this mindset to our residential and commercial clients throughout Greater Vancouver, blending superior customer service training with the unique security requirements of high rise towers.

Examples of Concierge Services Provided

  • Greet all tenants and visitors outside of main entrance and offer assistance as required.
  • Direct short term visitors to designated parking spaces and keep a record of all occupied parking spaces.
  • Accepting and securing the delivery of small items on behalf of owners who are absent.
  • Directing emergency vehicles and personnel to appropriate units as required.
  • Coordinate access for all contractors in a safe and secure manner (Maintenance, Landscaping, etc.).

Examples of Security Services Provided

  • Monitoring vehicle traffic entering/exiting your complex and recording times in/out of non residents.
  • Contacting owners by phone regarding all visitors, deliveries, and trades people arriving at your complex.
  • Completing regular hourly rounds of the complex to ensure there is no unauthorized access.
  • Conducting maintenance checks of lighting and door checks of absent tenants.
  • Mobile patrols of facility at irregular hours at night, seven days a week.

Our Selection and Training Process


When selecting prospective staff members we focus on personal values. We want people that can make a great first impression through their smile, their manners, their deportment and their knowledge. We are looking for individuals that have empathy for others and have the ability to engage with people.

Below are just a few more examples of the site specific training your @yourservice concierge team members could receive prior to, or while on, the job:

  • Telephone skills and concierge desk customer service requirements
  • Fire alarm procedures (include fire panel speaker system and elevator operations)
  • Understanding of the access control system (add/suspend a FOB, allow access, open/lock doors, etc.)
  • Common area incident report writing and emergency contact information
  • Read and understand the Strata Corporation’s Bylaws, rules and regulations
  • Exterior doors/overhead gates security check
  • Sprinkler and zone water shutoffs and other mechanical checks
  • Issue of parking violation notices/warning letter and towing procedures
  • Move-in/move-out procedures

For an on-site inspection and service appraisal, please Contact WESTguard.