Careers FAQ

Security Licensing

What is a Security Worker’s License?

The governments of British Columbia and Alberta require that all individuals working within the security industry complete a Basic Security Training course and obtain a Security Worker’s License. Westguard is a recognized BST provider and runs Basic Security Training classes monthly.

How do I obtain a Basic Security License?

Westguard offers monthly Basic Security Training classes from our offices in Vancouver. To find when the next available class is taking place, please email us at

What’s different about Westguard’s Basic Security Training course?

Providing a high level of customer service is becoming more and more critical to both security employers and their clients. In addition to covering all of the required course fundamentals, Westguard has incorporated elements of our @yourservice concierge training, ensuring that you will excel in the delivery of customer service to both valued clients and customers.

When is the next Basic Security Training Course being held in my area?

To find out when the next BST course is being held, please contact our team at

Will I automatically be hired after I complete the Basic Security Training course?

Completing the training course with Westguard does not guarantee employment. However, all students who successfully complete the training program will have the opportunity to submit an application for employment. All applications are assessed on an individual basis.

Applying for Employment

What job openings are currently available?

Westguard offers a wide array of opportunities at locations such as banks, office towers, industrial sites, airports, ports and schools. To see a complete list of our current opportunities, please visit our Job Opportunities page.

How do I apply for employment?

One you have registered an account on our Job Opportunities page you will have the opportunity to submit your resume for those positions you select.

What opportunities does Westguard offer for career advancement?

Westguard provides opportunities for additional training and advancement in areas such as Mobile Patrol Skills and Tactics, Supervisor Training, Control Centre Operations and CCTV Monitoring, and much more. To see a more comprehensive list of our different advanced training modules, please visit our Advanced Training Centre page.