History of Westguard

Westguard Services was founded in British Columbia back in 1986. It was subsequently purchased by Darcy R. Kernaghan in 1992, building on his goal of developing a security company which specialized in providing unionized security personnel to clients across British Columbia.

Whereas Darcy’s other company, Securiguard Services, had grown to provide a long list of general and niche security services, Westguard focused on clients who benefited from having unionized workers secure their facility.

Westguard’s operations were centralized in the BC Lower Mainland, however, it came to grow and expand over the past two decades to include Vancouver Island and the Interior, operating with two distinct business divisions: Westguard and Securicare.

With more than 300 employees exceeding the expectations of our diverse portfolio of clients, Westguard remains a leader in the security industry today, delivering creative and innovative security solutions which represent each of our client’s specific needs.