Personal Safety Solutions

SOS Response Personal Life Safety


SOS Response has taken the concept of personal life safety and put it on the one thing that people always carry with them: their Smartphones. This easy to use app allows subscribers to send an alert by simply pressing a button, and then have their emergency responded to immediately, anywhere in the World.

Our Fully Monitored Solution

By choosing to have our 24/7 professional monitoring centre receive and respond to your SOS alerts, your organization can enjoy peace of mind of knowing that employees will receive the help they need, when they need it. When an event is initiated, our operators are armed with all the pertinent information within seconds, including the subscriber’s detailed profile, photographs sent from the Smartphone (30 consecutive photos in 30 seconds), and their exact GPS coordinates. This allows us to deploy the appropriate emergency personnel faster.

Unique Benefits

  • Meets legislative requirements for lone workers.
  • Enhances your safety and security program.
  • Provides additional peace of mind to your employees, both at and away from work.
  • Provides safe-walk alternative to reduce cost and liability.
  • Becomes an employee benefit that can increase employee retention.

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