Colby Walsh (Accountability)

Since contract start-up, Colby has done a great job working alongside the many different stakeholders at the Woodwards building. Most recently, the Regional Manager for the Department of Canadian Heritage expressed her appreciation for Colby’s time and assistance in holding risk assessment meetings on site. The Department appreciated his input and ready-to-help approach at all […]

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Siyad Maalim (Accountability)

Siyad was contacted by his co-worker after flooding was detected in the mechanical room of the Woodwards complex. Upon arriving at the scene, Siyad successfully managed the incident quickly and effectively by contacting all the necessary parties. He then followed the instructions given to him in order to mitigate the flood damage, preventing more significant […]

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Mark Tajik (Accountability)

Mark was carrying out a patrol when he noticed flooding in a mechanical room at the Woodwards complex. He quickly notified his co-worker of the incident and remained on scene until assistance arrived. Mark’s attention to detail and quick actions helped ensure the security of the property and alleviated the situation which could have resulted […]

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Rajesh Heera (Accountability)

Officer Heera was conducting his patrols of Langara College when he heard footsteps on the rooftop close to the cafeteria, followed by the sound of breaking glass. Climbing a nearby fire escape ladder, he witnessed an individual moving across the bridge linking buildings A to B. The individual had thrown a stool through a window, […]

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